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Claims Advisory

Experiencing a large claim can be overwhelming and require immediate action to ensure your interests are protected. Corporate Protection Group’s claims management team works closely with you and your insurance representatives throughout the claims process to ensure your claim is resolved with the least impact on your operations – keeping you informed and updated along the way.

Scope of Work

  • Major claims advocacy
  • Incident reporting services
  • First notice of loss intake and triage
  • Claims reporting and analysis
  • Incident and loss prevention recommendations

Case Study

Background: Following an extreme weather event that caused substantial property damage, our client submitted a claim to their insurance company. The insurance carrier established a $100,000 flood deductible associated with the loss.

Solution: Corporate Protection Group reviewed the incident details, policy language, and presented a case suggesting that the applicable deductible should have been $25,000 instead of $100,000 based on policy language. Working closely with the adjuster on this claim, we advocated for our client to reduce the deductible.

Outcome: Based on our arguments presented, the carrier reversed their decision. The application of the lower deductible resulted in an additional payment of $75,000 for our client.

Benefits to our clients

Increase Control of Outcome

Have an experienced insurance professional advocating on your behalf throughout the claims process to ensure the most favourable claims settlement.

Reduce Claims Handling Expenses

Streamline and automate the claims reporting process, reducing your time involvement, the potential for human error, and costs associated with managing claims.

Expedite Claims Payments

Obtain claims reimbursements quicker and reduce the risk of long delays in payment or claim denials due to lack of information or documentation.

Leverage Claims Data

Utilize incident and claims trends to drive strategic decisions around risk management, deductible levels, self-insured retentions, or pursue captive opportunities.

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