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There are enough risks in today’s business world. Your insurance policy shouldn’t be one of them. At Corporate Protection Group, our mission is to help organizations and their business leaders achieve success by identifying unknown exposures and reducing or removing them.

A vital component of risk management.

About Us

The insurance industry has evolved into a transaction-based relationship. This is certainly a far cry from the original spirit of insurance and risk management, where forming strong personal relationships drove value beyond insurance costs.

Corporate Protection Group was established in 2006 to address this gap in the marketplace and focus on what we enjoy most – driving value for our clients. We don’t follow the traditional insurance advisor model. We’ve developed a unique, client-focused approach that is designed to simplify and demystify the insurance experience. By opening communication lines with insurance markets, we fulfill a commitment to create and preserve a transparent relationship with our clients and their insurance representatives. We guide companies by making certain their insurance programs adequately protect their financial interests, creating a foundation for long term growth and financial success.

Corporate Protection Group specializes in working with large organizations that have complex risk profiles, own or manage substantial physical assets, or have insurance premiums in excess of $250,000. Our team has extensive expertise in the following industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction

We do not sell any insurance products, nor do we receive commissions or compensation of any kind from brokers or insurers. We only work for you.

Our Approach

The complexities of insurance can be overwhelming, but the steps to obtaining proper coverage are simple. A company’s insurance program must be linked to the unique needs and risks of the business for insurance to respond effectively. At Corporate Protection Group, we develop an insurance plan by synchronizing our clients’ business strategy and accompanying risks. We assess existing exposures, analyze coverage gaps, and monitor insurance requirements to allow the insurance program to evolve with the needs of any growing business.

Step 1 - Strategy

Bringing your business strategy into play

Corporate Protection Group works with your team to better understand, package, and communicate your business strategy to your insurance representatives. This knowledge creates greater understanding and transparency of your operations, resulting in better coverage and premium savings.

Key process steps:

  • Engage your team around corporate objectives
  • Understand your business operations and exposures
  • Package information for insurance representatives

Step 2 - Risk

Fostering a risk management culture

Critical to any insurance and risk management strategy is comprehensive knowledge of your risks. With a clear understanding of your business, we work with your team to identify and close risk gaps and implement the required processes to ensure risk management activities are embedded into your day-to-day activities.

Key process steps:

  • Establish framework for managing risk
  • Close critical risk gap exposures
  • Leverage risk framework to lower premiums

Step 3 - Design

Building the optimal insurance program

With a full understanding of your business strategy, operations, and insurance related exposures, this step targets your existing insurance program. We identify coverage gaps and establish an insurance program framework for optimal protection.

Key process steps:

  • Evaluate design coverage requirements
  • Define optimal insurance program design
  • Execute and manage insurance buying strategy

Step 4 - Monitor

Supporting your business objectives

Professional oversight helps to ensure risk gaps are closed and your insurance program is aligned with your ever-changing business. Corporate Protection Group works with your team to monitor ongoing operational exposures so you do not have to – allowing you to focus on growing your core business.

Key process steps:

  • Executive reporting and compliance oversight
  • Premium reduction planning and monitoring
  • Manage insurance risks and exposures

Our Team

Bruce Thorne


A visionary, Bruce Thorne brings foresight and creative thinking to every situation. As a business and insurance advisor he is driven to help his clients find their vision, build their plan, and give them the means to execute. He has been effectual in helping businesses, small and large, in areas of risk management, strategic planning, executive coaching, corporate strategy, mergers, acquisitions, and integration.
With over 30 years of executive experience in the insurance world, Bruce has been instrumental in the successful execution of several corporate acquisitions for his own businesses and on behalf of his clients. His philosophy for business success includes equal focus on positive corporate culture and revenue based bottom line growth. Bruce’s visionary approach to organizational mechanics as well as his extensive expertise at all levels of business and brokerage management, has allowed him to develop a variety of insurance management products and tools to drive sales, profitability, and corporate expansion.

Matt Semler


Matt is a results-oriented leader with over 25 years of Operations and M&A experience in the construction, hospitality, and entertainment sectors. Fluent in four languages, Matt is an effective communicator helping teams to clarify their objectives, and then build the strategies and systems needed to achieve them. Matt's talent lies in his ability to quickly learn an organization, embrace complex strategic initiatives, and integrate leaders' visions into the operational fabric of an organization. His work organizing, energizing and leading high-caliber teams has helped him to successfully oversee the integration of over $1.2B in acquisitions across the United States and Canada.

Brad Pickering


Brad Pickering has extensive experience in global operations, a proven record of innovation, and a clear understanding of how business can achieve rapid, profitable, and sustainable improvements. Using his Strategy Execution Solution™ and working together with management and operations teams, Brad builds the key enablers that allow them to achieve their organizational vision, strategy, and objectives. He is able to work both at a strategic business planning level as well as “on the ground” in operations. Brad has vast knowledge and experience in Risk Management and Operational Profitability program development and execution as evidenced by his work with the Dow Jones Sustainability Index Sector Leader.
With 15 years of mining, manufacturing, and heavy industry experience in North and South America, Brad has a proven ability to lead diverse international teams. He has found a unique blend of technical and business acumen through his work as a Professional Engineer combined with his Master of Business Administration degree. He is well respected as an innovator in the manufacturing sector.

Lennie Morgan


Lennie Morgan is a passionate business executive whose strengths and unique abilities set him apart. He specializes in coverage analytics, balance sheet protection and optimal coverage design.
With over 30 years in the insurance industry working in brokerages, as well as with carriers, Lennie has honed his expertise to develop innovative pro-active approaches to designing and implementing risk management programs for his clients. Lennie helps his clients reduce administrative burdens and costs and transforms the way his clients view their total cost of risk.
Using his diverse experience, Lennie is able to review Liability Insurance, Wrap-Ups, Sub-Contractor Default Insurance, Environmental, Professional Liability and broker fees to ensure they meet both the client’s current activities, as well as their long-term objectives.

Lisa Pickering


Lisa Pickering is a dedicated professional whose skills have benefited her career throughout many industries, including automotive, mining and agriculture. These varied experiences have adapted her ability to think differently about process and create innovative solutions to improve efficiencies.
Lisa’s expertise in investigating how management systems and administrative teams work, allows for strong foundations to be built within the company. She possesses a high level of project management capability which enables her to couple her systems analysis with a practical approach to improving efficiency and productivity.
Lisa dedicates time assisting in her community. She has worked with various organizations including providing leadership training at Cornerstone Family Violence and Prevention Centre, holding the Treasurer position on the Board of Directors at Cooks School Day Care and as a committee member for Girls on the Run.

Julie Holman


Julie brings a wealth of insurance knowledge and experience that helps her customers navigate the insurance world. Having been an insurance broker for many years, she understands the buying process and the importance of buying the best possible coverage for premium dollar spent. Julie helps her customers understand their insurance program and helps them make better buying decisions.

Julie has completed her associateship with the Insurance Institute and holds a CIP designation. She brings a unique approach to finding solutions for insurance related problems and issues. She specializes in the review and monitoring of her client’s insurance programs; ensuring that the brokers and insurers are held accountable to their commitment to provide the best insurance coverage for the premium dollar spent.

Carrie Stein


Carrie Stein practiced law for 19 years before joining CPG as an Analyst Manager, Coverage Analyst and is now Director of Transaction Services. Carrie’s experience allows her to identify exposures in contract documents where the indemnities and insurance requirements do not align and provide solutions. Carrie leads and trains the Transaction Team Coverage Analysts and connects her team with clients in a way that exceeds client needs and expectations. Her client-focused philosophy and commitment to excellence contributes to CPG’s mission to ensure our client’s insurance programs and documents adequately protect their financial interests.

Laurie Carruthers


Laurie Carruthers brings to CPG her 27 years of international risk management experience and skills that has spanned across the brokerage, risk management and consulting space. She has the ability to perform sophisticated insurance audit analyses, that are often the catalyst to designing a much-enhanced insurance program and an improved capital equity position for the company. The insurance programs Laurie creates reflect risk assessment and exposure, leading to a reduction in legal liabilities and insurance expenditure while providing protection.

Angelo Capone

Senior Client Advisor

As a Risk Consultant & Insurance Business Strategist servicing international accounts for 15+ years Angelo brings to CPG extensive insurance business acumen and a keen ability to identify, develop, and implement creative strategies to improve the overall success of any organization he works with. Angelo is accustomed to working in various fast paced and ever-changing environments; and as an effective communicator he has refined the ability to effectively “explain your story” to prospective markets to successfully deliver competitive deliverables and enhance the overall success of your organization.

Michelle Vedas

Director of Insurance Strategy

As the Director of Insurance Strategy, Michelle's role is pivotal in maintaining top-tier insurance services. She is focused on aligning our client's objectives with the current insurance landscape, striking a balance between innovation, risk management, and profitability. Her duties extend to process improvements, efficiencies, and capacity enhancements. She works to ensure our clients receive top-notch service while maintaining operational improvements, thereby safeguarding client satisfaction and operational excellence.

Zelia Drumm


With over 40 years of industry experience, Zelia specializes in many facets of brokerage operations including Senior Management, Carrier Relationship Development, New Business Production and Client Relationship Management. Zelias exceptionally strong communication, leadership and demonstrator skills are prevalent in both team and independent work environments. Her in-depth knowledge of insurance products and the insurance market has led to Zelias incomparable ability to network and influence others.

Paul Leighton


Paul is a strategically focused senior business executive with over 35 years of cross-functional leadership expertise that spans international business planning, sales management, operations and administration. Adept at analyzing new business opportunities and critical success factors in the entire business cycle, Paul is focused on implementing results oriented strategies and process improvements that deliver quantifiable bottom-line results and service quality. He is a consummate change agent and champion of performance excellence with a genuine talent for turning around underachieving organizations.

MaryLynn Lurz


With over 35 years as an insurance professional, MaryLynn brings a high level of knowledge, expertise, and integrity to the team. She manages the permanent insurance programs, including insurance service and renewals. Her unique ability to analyze data and attention to detail allows her to provide the best possible solution and outcome for the success of the client.

Dylan Mulrain


Dylan Mulrain works with companies to develop operational and risk mitigation plans to grow and scale their organization. His experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven solutions that drive profitable growth. Dylan’s unique approach has enabled him to identify and implement strategies to overcome and mitigate common organizational exposures. His process-driven philosophy compliments our team’s ability to deliver high-level service.

Jonathan Ruch


As Director of Project Management, Jonathan oversees all client activities. The Project Management Team is responsible for implementation, execution, and service delivery on all Strategy, Advisory, and Coaching Programs. Jonathan is a passionate leader, coach, and business professional with over twenty years of leadership experience, and a track record of helping teams succeed and accomplish objectives. He applies that experience internally to the training and development of our PM team, and externally to help clients grow and scale their businesses, mitigate risk, and live their best lives.

Kim Bourdeau


With more than 25 years of experience in the service and administrative industries, Kim Bourdeau practices a unique and intuitive approach to executive level support. It rests on empathy, efficiency, and astute problem solving. She has a strong ability to streamline process, maximize efficiency, and foster professional relationships within organizations. Kim’s philosophy centers around excellence in service and what role she can play in the overall success of the company.

Sean Mulcair

Senior Strategic Advisor

Sean H. Mulcair is a seasoned insurance professional with a rich legacy spanning over three decades in the industry. Since 1994, he has been a licensed insurance broker, bringing a wealth of expertise and insight to the dynamic landscape of risk management. In 2001, Sean took a transformative step by establishing a broker-focused consulting firm, where he has been at the forefront of process optimization and product knowledge best practices.

At CPG, Sean, is committed to enhancing the client relationship experience, by simplifying the intricate facets of the insurance process, both internally and externally. His leadership embodies a vision where insurance becomes a seamless, client-focused experience, built on a foundation of trust, expertise, and a passion for exceeding client expectations.

Steve Beamish


Previously the General Manager of a successful Toronto based manufacturing company, Steve brings a wealth of business acumen in the areas of administration, sales and marketing, human resources, and production. Continued education in project management has solidified his ability to not only create detailed, step by step, project plans, but to see them through execution. Strong problem solving and analytics skills contribute to Steve’s current role of providing support on allocations and insight into reporting.

Swati Mohan


Swati helps our clients in building the Best-in-Class Risk Management Framework for their organization. She oversees our insurance and risk management system to store, manage, and track client data efficiently. Swati is also an adept data analyst, who brings in the unique ability to quantify and visualize data using business intelligence tools, which helps our clients in improving their overall decision-making process.

Shawna Knight


As the Director of Special Projects, Shawna is responsible for spearheading the planning and execution of high-profile initiatives that require a unique blend of technical expertise and strategic thinking. From working directly with clients on Strategic Planning to internal work with team development, corporate real estate and policy assistance, Shawna has a proven track record of delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Throughout her career, Shawna has built a reputation for her ability to navigate complex challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth and innovation. Her exceptional leadership skills and sharp attention to detail have earned her the trust and respect of her colleagues and clients alike.

Shawna is more then just a skilled project manager. She is also a visionary thinker and passionate advocate for social and environmental causes. Through her work, Shawna strives to make a positive impact on the world and create a better future for all.

Natalie Diffin


Natalie Diffin joined the CPG team in 2014 as a Coverage Analyst. With over 25 years in the insurance industry, Natalie has worked with various clientele including real estate, manufacturing, professional sports, entertainment, food and beverage, and construction. Working with various industries allows Natalie to provide detailed industry-specific coverage and contract analysis to meet our client’s needs.

Kristoffer Francisco


Kristoffer Francisco is the manager for Contract Review Services. Kris has more than 20 years of multi-industry risk management and insurance experience with roles at commercial insurance brokerages, insurance carrier underwriting and claims, and with an international construction technology firm.

Kris supplements his unique technical and business acumen through his experience as a published supply chain researcher, business graduate school training, and designations including Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU), Associate in Risk Management (ARM), Construction Risk Insurance Specialist (CRIS), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Certification in Transportation and Logistics (CTL), and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (LSSGB).

Giovanni Damiano


Giovanni Damiano works with customers to develop the effective management of their incidents and claims. His 30+ years experience allows him to leverage his knowledge and relationships to benefit the customers experience. His ability to articulate the risks and CPG’s value proposition from the customers perspective provides us with significant opportunity.

Marc Leclair


Marc has spent over 25 years within the insurance industry in the capacity of both an underwriter and as CEO. As an underwriter, he had the unique ability to understand the motives and goals of insurance companies from a senior leadership perspective. He understands what drives insurers and is able to draw from his experience to negotiate from a position of strength for our clients.

Ben Tackaberry


Ben Tackaberry is an Analyst who assists clients with their development insurance coverages, critical third-party insurance requirements, and compliance. Ben supports clients on their Acquisitions by providing insurance and document review, strategy, valuation, and tracking critical data. Ben brings strong work ethic, attention to detail, and new energy to CPG.

Jaclynn Mitter


Jaclynn joined the CPG team in 2020 as an Insurance Analyst following graduation with her Bachelor of Science in Risk Management and Insurance. As part of the CPG team, Jaclynn lends her knowledge with reviews of coverage analysis, lender insurance compliance, and permanent coverage analysis. Driven by attention to detail, this enables Jaclynn to review and analyze contracts and coverage for compliance which complements our team’s ability to deliver high-level, professional service.

Cathy Moran


Cathy Moran joined CPG in 2014 as a Coverage Analyst. With over 35 years in the insurance industry, she lends her extensive knowledge and experience to clients by reviewing Development and Acquisition insurance coverages, critical Third-Party Contracts, Lender Loan Agreements and Insurance, Permanent Coverage Analysis including CAT Coverages. Driven by attention to detail, Cathy’s unique approach enables her to review and analyze contracts and coverages for compliance with their exposures and risk transfer in mind. Her focus in this area compliments our team’s ability to deliver high-level, professional service.

Randy Kruger


Randy works with companies to track and confirm commercial insurance coverage of Property Managers and Vendors who are managing or working on their properties. Ensuring contractual compliance of all applicable insurance requirements contained in Management Agreements or Services Agreements via CPG’s unique Certificate of Insurance program. Randy’s obsessive attention to detail and diverse background in insurance claims, sales, and management, enables him to provide contract, policy, and certificate analysis that streamlines the process and optimizes program efficiencies, reducing the client’s overall risk and mitigating litigious exposures.

Tiffany Bennett


Tiffany Bennett joined CPG in 2021 as an Insurance Analyst. She collaborates with internal teams on projects, conducts contract and insurance analysis for clients. With her most recent experience in the Construction industry, she will be integral in the development and structure of clients OCIP/CCIP programs. Tiffany is reliable and a hardworking professional with a practical hands-on approach, who always perseveres to achieve the best results and has a desire to learn more from those around her.

Megan Hoesman

Insurance Analyst

Megan brings five years of experience and a Bachelor’s degree in Insurance and Risk Management to our team. Proficient in employing analytical thinking she reviews contracts and insurance policies to identify gaps in coverage and potential risk.
Her approach to insurance and risk management is a methodical review of policy documents, enabling her to provide insightful assessments that contribute to CPG’s risk management strategy.
As a key contributor, Megan plays a pivotal role in the collaborative efforts of the team and the overall success of the company.

Katie Milligan

Insurance Analyst

Katie, with five years of experience as a litigation attorney, now serves as an Insurance Analyst on the CPG team. Drawing from her background in representing insurance companies across various claims, she brings a unique perspective to her role. Katie's transition is marked by her ability to apply legal insights to risk management and insurance strategies. In her current position, she conducts policy and contract reviews, ensuring clients receive comprehensive protection.

Jake Clement


Jake Clement works with companies to manage ongoing projects and create unique deliverables. By understanding client’s needs, he consistently develops, communicates, and implements new ideas and concepts. Working closely with a variety of clients, Jake’s creative thinking and organizational skills enable him to support a wide range of initiatives through the Project Management Team.

Petra Stewart


Petra helps create internal and external company projects and process management solutions. Having 10+ years of experience in management consulting in an international environment provided Petra with project management, process analysis and implementation skills, as well as teamwork and team coordination skills. Working on an internal process improvement or a client strategic project, Petra is always driven to manage each project to a successful completion and overall client satisfaction.

Kiki Abimbola


Kiki works with the project management team by facilitating ongoing projects and crafting unique solutions. With a multifaceted background spanning retail, manufacturing, finance, and hospitality, she combines Certified Scrum Master expertise with agile methodologies to drive results. Kiki's keen eye for detail and innovative thinking ensure projects meet goals. Whether enhancing internal processes or leading client projects, she ensures successful outcomes.

Ken Hutton

Assistant Controller

Ken Hutton works with the management team to facilitate the internal financial processes of CPG. Ken has worked in energy, accounting, and government finance positions. He has brought experience of data management and quality assurance, which has been a key tool for establishing efficiency within his role. Ken brings a unique regulatory and analytical approach to managing and systemizing the financial process. Driven by classical music, progressive metal, and attention to detail, he can prepare budgets, produce financial reports, and complete various regulatory requirements.

Heather Maynarich


Heather Maynarich Office Manager/Executive Assistant since March 2020. Office Manager who is an energetic professional who doesn't mind wearing multiple hats. Experienced in handling a wide range of administrative duties and executive support-related tasks and able to work independently with little or no supervision. She also assists in development and implementation of our clients.

Liz Hetes

Office Administrator and Assistant Analyst

Liz is a results-driven professional with strong leadership skills, offering a unique blend of client-oriented service and meticulous attention to detail. In her dual role at CPG as Office Administrator and Assistant Analyst, she plays a key part in both day-to-day operations and future growth initiatives. Her versatility, multitasking ability, and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to the organization.

Diana Murray


As an Executive Assistant, Diana manages administrative duties for key executives using a detailed and organized approach. She has extensive experience in administrative support tasks including scheduling, client relations and professional engagements. Prior to joining CPG, Diana had an extensive career in managing corporate travel programs and utilizes her knowledge in arranging travel for our organization, keeping our travellers moving safely and efficiently around the globe.

Lisa Zsadanyi


With over 23 years of administrative and partnerships experience within the commercial property management industry, Lisa now lends her customer-focused approach to CPG by providing support to our administrative and management team. She has the capacity to be both tactical and strategic in her approach to organizing and streamlining administrative processes. Her willingness to take on any project makes her an asset to the CPG team.

Lindsey Logel


Lindsey is a skilled administrative assistant with a strong legal background. In her role at CPG, Lindsey seamlessly blends her legal insight with administrative finesse, presenting a skill set that is both diverse and effective. Her organizational and time management abilities optimize schedules, resources, and project execution. Her skill set, coupled with her commitment, continues to support CPG’s growth and success.

Stephanie Williams


With an extensive educational background in the legal field, Stephanie now lends her detail-oriented approach to CPG providing support to our Associates and the Management team with daily operational activities. Stephanie works with Associates in the development of reports, research, and special projects. Her willingness to take on any task with confidence and determination make her an excellent resource for all members of the CPG team.

Vicky Henry


Vicky Henry supports associates and management with the daily tasks of doing business. With over 30 years of customer service experience with the majority being in finance she strives to reduce their financial worry. Her responsibilities include client invoicing, AR, AP, payroll, bank reconciliations and providing month end reports. Her attention to detail and deadlines makes her an integral part of the team.

Jess Beard

Communications and Resources Assistant

Jess joined the CPG team in 2023 after graduating with an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies. In her role as a Communications and Resources Assistant, she focuses on researching, developing, and implementing new marketing programs, including corporate sales, social media marketing, sales tools, and other initiatives. With a passion for communication and technology, Jess offers unique strategies and approaches within her role.

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