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There are enough risks in today’s business world. Your insurance policy shouldn’t be one of them. At Corporate Protection Group, our mission is to help organizations and their business leaders achieve success by identifying unknown exposures and reducing or removing them.

A vital component of risk management.

About Us

The insurance industry has evolved into a transaction-based relationship. This is certainly a far cry from the original spirit of insurance and risk management, where forming strong personal relationships drove value beyond insurance costs.

Corporate Protection Group was established in 2006 to address this gap in the marketplace and focus on what we enjoy most – driving value for our clients. We don’t follow the traditional insurance advisor model. We’ve developed a unique, client-focused approach that is designed to simplify and demystify the insurance experience. By opening communication lines with insurance markets, we fulfill a commitment to create and preserve a transparent relationship with our clients and their insurance representatives. We guide companies by making certain their insurance programs adequately protect their financial interests, creating a foundation for long term growth and financial success.

Corporate Protection Group specializes in working with large organizations that have complex risk profiles, own or manage substantial physical assets, or have insurance premiums in excess of $250,000. Our team has extensive expertise in the following industries:

  • Real Estate
  • Private Equity
  • Industrial
  • Infrastructure
  • Construction

We do not sell any insurance products, nor do we receive commissions or compensation of any kind from brokers or insurers. We only work for you.

Our Approach

The complexities of insurance can be overwhelming, but the steps to obtaining proper coverage are simple. A company’s insurance program must be linked to the unique needs and risks of the business for insurance to respond effectively. At Corporate Protection Group, we develop an insurance plan by synchronizing our clients’ business strategy and accompanying risks. We assess existing exposures, analyze coverage gaps, and monitor insurance requirements to allow the insurance program to evolve with the needs of any growing business.

Step 1 - Strategy

Bringing your business strategy into play

Corporate Protection Group works with your team to better understand, package, and communicate your business strategy to your insurance representatives. This knowledge creates greater understanding and transparency of your operations, resulting in better coverage and premium savings.

Key process steps:

  • Engage your team around corporate objectives
  • Understand your business operations and exposures
  • Package information for insurance representatives

Step 2 - Risk

Fostering a risk management culture

Critical to any insurance and risk management strategy is comprehensive knowledge of your risks. With a clear understanding of your business, we work with your team to identify and close risk gaps and implement the required processes to ensure risk management activities are embedded into your day-to-day activities.

Key process steps:

  • Establish framework for managing risk
  • Close critical risk gap exposures
  • Leverage risk framework to lower premiums

Step 3 - Design

Building the optimal insurance program

With a full understanding of your business strategy, operations, and insurance related exposures, this step targets your existing insurance program. We identify coverage gaps and establish an insurance program framework for optimal protection.

Key process steps:

  • Evaluate design coverage requirements
  • Define optimal insurance program design
  • Execute and manage insurance buying strategy

Step 4 - Monitor

Supporting your business objectives

Professional oversight helps to ensure risk gaps are closed and your insurance program is aligned with your ever-changing business. Corporate Protection Group works with your team to monitor ongoing operational exposures so you do not have to – allowing you to focus on growing your core business.

Key process steps:

  • Executive reporting and compliance oversight
  • Premium reduction planning and monitoring
  • Manage insurance risks and exposures

Our Team

Executive Team

Bruce Thorne
Managing Partner
Brad Pickering
Director of Risk Services
Lennie Morgan
Chief Analyst
Lisa Pickering
Director of Finance
Matt Johnson
Director of Services USA


Julie Holman
Carrie Stein
Dylan Mulrain
Jonathan Ruch
Michael Stark
Kim Bourdeau

Client Advisors

Laurie Carruthers
Zelia Drumm
Paul Leighton
Giovanni Damiano
MaryLynn Lurz
Scott Johnson
Swati Mohan
Matt Semler


Natalie Diffin
Cathy Moran
Glen Steele
Mary Ellen Rudzinski
Benjamin Tackaberry
Jaclynn Toflski
Victoria Garcia
Randy Kruger
Amy Kennelly
Marc Leclair
Dawn Murphy

Special Services

Steve Beamish
Jake Clement
Jordan Khoury
Petra Stewart
Shawna Knight
Vicky Henry

Administrative Services

Paola Bolton
Stephanie Williams
Christina Jibb
Heather Maynarich

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