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Our unique, client-focused approach is designed to simplify and demystify the insurance buying experience. We invite you to review the following FAQs and Resources. They have been written with you in mind.


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Do you sell insurance?

No, we do not sell insurance. We are a group of independent insurance and risk advisors focused on improving our clients’ existing coverage and pricing terms.

How do your services differ from those that are offered by my insurance broker?

We believe the traditional broker model has several issues. Insurance Brokers are licensed to sell insurance, so they generally sell coverage without a full understanding of your business strategy and unique risk profile. Furthermore, brokers are incentivized by insurance carriers as their compensation is generally linked to insurance premiums – not performance.

Corporate Protection Group works for and advocates for you. In order to represent your best interest, we work with your incumbent broker to facilitate better communication and close your current risk gaps, protecting your balance sheet. We work strategically to get coverage right and premium down. Our payment will not be tied to the premium amount and there is no prejudice toward brokers or insurers in our process.

No insurance broker or consultant we can find offers the combination of business strategy, risk assessment, policy design, and continuous monitoring for the benefit of the client.

What benefits can we expect to experience in working with your team?

Provide stakeholder assurance – We offer our clients a comprehensive solution to manage the risks and exposures associated with their operations. We provide the expertise, technology, systems, and processes to provide all stakeholders assurance that the business is protected from unforeseen exposures.

Support educated decision making – We believe it is our role to educate our clients so they can make informed business decisions. We have extensive industry experience and ensure our clients understand the risks and exposures associated with their unique business operations.

Establish competitive advantage – We help our clients design innovative solutions that provide better coverage for less cost. Our process provides our clients with a key competitive advantage to take on higher risk projects with the comfort of a holistic risk management platform in place.

Eliminate conflict of interest – We provide independent insurance and risk management advisory to our clients. We are unencumbered by the conflict of interest within the insurance industry where compensation is generally linked to premiums and not performance.

Can I expect a reduction in my insurance costs?

Our primary objective is always to ensure our client’s financial interests are adequately protected through a robust insurance and risk program. That said, the majority of our clients experience premium savings due to our involvement, where we strive to achieve premium savings of at least three times our fee.

Do you work with our current broker and insurance team?

Yes. We look to build strong working relationships with your existing insurance and risk management team. There is no prejudice toward brokers or insurers in our process. Alternatively, if you are having issues with your current insurance team, we can assist in finding a new insurance broker that is better aligned to your needs.

What is your fee structure?

Unlike the commission driven fees typically seen in the insurance industry, we are fee for service. We work for you, not the insurance broker or insurance carrier.

Why do my insurance costs keep increasing year-over-year?

The insurance industry is currently in what we call a “hard market”. This means available capacity is decreasing, thereby increasing premiums for insureds.  This can be caused by several factors including, but not limited to the following:

  • Frequency and/or severity of losses across the marketplace
  • Capacity and pricing of reinsurance
  • Reinsurers only assuming a portion of the risk
  • Changes to underwriting criteria 
  • Available insurers for coverage placement

These factors force the industry as a whole to increase rates in order to stay profitable and payout future claims. However, there are many strategies that can be utilized to improve your positioning and achieve more competitive rates. Corporate Protection Group works with your team to better understand, package, and communicate your business strategy to your insurance representatives. This knowledge creates greater understanding and transparency of your operations, resulting in better coverage and premium savings.

I’ve had a claim denied by my insurance carrier, is there anything I can do?

Organizations pay insurance premiums that seemingly continue to increase year after year, with the belief that their business is adequately protected in the event of a loss. However, many organizations are unaware that the insurance and risk programs that have been implemented may not respond the way they intended – if at all. A fundamental misalignment between the company’s business strategy and their insurance program can contribute to unknown and in many cases substantial exposures within their business.

A claim is usually denied by your insurance carrier because of this coverage misalignment. At Corporate Protection Group, our goal is to avoid the time consuming and costly process of these denied claims. In situations where this does occur, our team advocates on your behalf to try and recover potential reimbursements. 

What is a Captive and do you have experience setting them up?

A captive insurance company is effectively a special purpose entity that you own. While setting up captives are complex, the general mechanics of captive insurance are relatively straightforward. An organization with certain identified risks provides coverage through the captive for those risks by paying regular cash instalments (premiums) to an entity over which it has complete control (as opposed to a third-party insurer). A captive may insure all of a risk itself or it may reinsure via the reinsurance market.

With captives, you get all the benefits of insurance coverage while retaining the benefit of accumulated premiums. If the anticipated risks do not create losses, the accumulated premium becomes retained profit and what you pay into your own captive fund is available to you when you need it. And even if you don’t ever need it, you keep the profit instead of the insurance company.

Corporate Protection Group has experience setting up several captives for clients and managing the various components, including, feasibility analysis, tax information, actuarial data, incorporation, accounting/audit, financial reporting, setup, and ongoing oversight.


We offer tools and resources to help you understand insurance. Click to download the resources below. Create a bookmark for this page and visit frequently to enjoy our expanding library of resources whenever you need them.

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Written by Lennie Morgan, Chief Analyst, Corporate Protection Group, and Joshua Stein, Real Estate Lawyer, Joshua Stein PLLC

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